On  2018-04-08 17:00:46

China steps towards intelligent manufacturing

In recent years, Chinese companies have been shifting towards innovation and exporting high-quality products that meet the rigorous standards and expectations of global consumers. The development of artificial intelligence (AI) and robots signals a dramatic change in the manufacturing sector.

How do you determine how advanced a country is when it comes to robotics?

One measure is “robot density,” which shows the number of robots per 10,000 workers. Robots are at the core of the government’s sweeping “Made in China 2025” plan to upgrade factories and make them highly automated. The country wants to reach a robot density of 150 units by 2020.

The increase in robot density in China is the most dynamic in the world, particularly between 2013 and 2016. The density rate rose from 25 units in 2013 to 68 units in 2016. Beijing intends to forge ahead and get China into the world’s top ten automated nations in just two years.

Read more at CCTV.

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